8 Alternative Engagement Ring Trends To Follow

8 Alternative Engagement Ring Trends To Follow

In today’s world, engagement rings have taken on a whole new dimension. No longer do you find parades of solitaire diamond rings; the alternative engagement ring trend has meant that brightly colored gemstones in a myriad of settings have stolen the limelight. Engagement rings have become expressions of personality and style, ranging in design from art deco to elegantly modern and minimal. Here are eight alternative engagement trends for inspiration.

1. Blue Gemstones

Aquamarine Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

In the wake of Princess Diana's and Kate Middleton’s stunning sapphire engagement ring, blue gemstones have become an increasingly popular choice. Varying in shades from deep royal blues found in Tanzanite and spinel to the pastel shades of aquamarine and topaz, there is a blue hue for every personality.

2. Pink Gemstones

2 Carats Pink Sapphire Ring

We can all thank Ben Affleck for putting the spotlight on pink engagement rings. While his choice was an incredible $1.2 million purchase of a 6.1 carat pink diamond, there are other alternatives. Pink sapphires, spinels, and morganites come in bright, vivid shades ranging from cotton candy blush to popping fuchsias.

3. Grey Gemstones

Grey Spinel Diamond Halo Ring

Evoking a sense of mystery, smokey grey gemstones are a moody alternative to white or colored gemstones. Salt and pepper diamonds, grey spinels, sapphires, and moissanites have a stately, reserved aura with tones from gunmetal to steel-blue.

4. Art Deco Design

Art Deco Aquamarine Baguette 3 Stone Ring

Revitalizing these classic, art deco designs in the 2020s is aptly poetic, given that the style originated after World War I, in the roaring 20s. The perfect marriage of sharp, clean lines, geometric shapes, and bold colors, these rings are artistically inclined.

5. Yellow Gold

1.29 Carats Yellow Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring

Yellow gold has become increasingly popular with women choosing to set their engagement rings in in this bright alternative to classic platinum, and white gold. Creating a warmer feel, yellow gold rings complement day to day jewelry styles.

6. Pear-cut Gems

Champagne Sapphire Pear Engagement Ring

Considered an edgy and modern cut, the pear (otherwise known by the name ‘teardrop’) shape has been around since the 15th century. Combining the symmetry of the round cut and the character of the marquise cut, it creates a refreshing silhouette that elongates the finger.

7. Pearls

For something unconventional, the pearl engagement ring could be the design for you. Whether taking pride of place in a solitaire setting, or bejeweled with diamond accents, the pearl is a chic yet classic option. However, they do require some extra care to ensure they last - being sensitive to fragrance, makeup, and lotions.

8. Stackable Rings

This fashion-driven layered style of rings can take the form of mixing and matching different designs or ones designed as sets. Choose from bold, statement pieces in with bright colored gems to modern and understated bands. This style is versatile, easily dressed up or down for any occasion.