Born of an endless passion for gemstones and jewelry design, we have always wanted to share the wonderful gifts that nature has given us. The Joy Roze story began in 2016, when Joy’s passion for making personal treasures for our friends and family evolved into a brand known for crafting engagement rings and wedding bands that stand the test of time.

Grounded in the philosophy that any product should be ethical and environmentally friendly, Joy’s team of artisans sources many of our gemstones from the world’s fourth largest island, Madagascar. This enchanting isle, with its forest-covered mountains and avenues of Baobab trees is rich in precious and semi-precious stones. We will always strive to do our part in preserving what is ultimately our only home, the earth.

As the raw stones pass through our studio, we assess their quality before they are carefully and lovingly cut by our artisans, who are experienced at unearthing the perfect proportions, clarity, and brilliance from the stones. We believe that the process of crafting fine jewelry is a deeply personal one, and from the first sketches on paper to the final sparkling piece, we are there with you at every step of the production process.

About The Designer

 Born and raised in a small village in north-east Thailand, Joy’s foray into jewelry arose when she first moved to Bangkok, to study jewelry design. After meeting her husband (a gemstone manufacturer), she stepped into a world filled with a spectacular array of natural gemstones. Joy’s newfound love for these uncommon gems has meant that she has made it her mission to show off these stones in settings that celebrate their kaleidoscopic qualities.

 “When designing collections, I truly believe that less can sometimes be more, and this is reflected in my minimal designs. I like to place the focus on the gemstones with the setting supporting and further enhancing its natural beauty. What is created is a timeless and classic piece, and like Leonardo da Vinci once said: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Her favorite gem is the enigmatic opal and the design she loves the most is the delicate Flora Collection  

Outside of the world of jewelry, Joy is an astute cook who loves nothing more than making noodle soup and cherishing time spent with her husband, child and, of course, their dog.